Tuesday, 10 June 2014

JUNE 2014

Some of you will recognize my dear friend, Emiko Chishima, who spent some time in Melbourne and who has been of invaluable help to me. She used in her arrangement a type of
tiny sea weed, which she painstakingly threaded together to create long strands. She also used stripped New Zealand flax to create this dynamic 'knot' effect.

This is Yoka Hosono sensei, a senior Sogetsu teacher,  who used Aspidistra leaves to represent the universe and the hanging apple to represent the earth. She told me that there is a tiny spot on the apple which represents herself.

This is my lovely new friend, Kosa Nishiyama with her 'calm' arrangement. She is also a Sogetsu teacher, who has shown me, a relative stranger, incredible generosity and kindness.

With Misei Ishikawa sensei and her delicate wall arrangement.

Two lovely ladies, Atsuko Hoshino and Ikuyo Goto that I am privileged call friends.

Below are the photographs of the first part of the exhibition. In my next post I will include photos of the second part

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